Particulars of Master Plan

Sl. No. Item Details
1 Area of General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan)
2 Area of the Municipality 49.00Sq.kms
3 Villages covered in General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan) 1,Pragnapur, 2. Mutrajpally and 3. Kyasaram
4 Overall Land use allocation break up Details of Survey Nos. with villages showing land use
5 Locality-wise land use description Names of localities with land use
6 Proposed road widths Name of the arterial / important road with width
7 Heritage buildings and precincts Names of the buildings with location
8 Change of land use cases approved by the Government Survey No. with name of villages
9 Approved layouts
10 Land use Zoning regulations
11 Villages and Survey Nos. likely to be affected by road proposals and other reservations for parks, play grounds and civic amenities – Nil –
12 Layout and subdivision regulations
13 Control on building height/FSI/FAR/ground coverage etc